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LUNA Akıllı Su ve Elektrik Sayaçları | Smart Water and Energy Meters


  • Luna Electric Electronics produces and calibrates the meters in the double line water meter test table, which is produced within its own water meters.
  • Water meter test table performs meter tests in accordance with TS EN ISO 4064-3 Standards.
  • DN 15 – DN 20 – DN 25 The test table where we can carry out the pressure test and calibration of the water meters, has related connection accessories for connecting the meters with different nominal diameters.
  • The double-line test table is divided into two as A line and B line. A total of 20 meters can be connected to 10 line A line and 10 meter line to line B.
  • However, while performing the test, 10 meters can be tested at the same time. This applies to meters with a nominal diameter of DN 15 and DN 20.
  • To summarize briefly, for meters with nominal diameters of DN 15 and DN 20, 10 meters can be connected to each line.
  • A maximum of 14 meters can be connected to line A and 7 to line B for meters with a nominal diameter of DN 25.
  • Luna can also calibrate the electronic meters automatically by testing and calibrating the electronic water meters. Calibration values ​​are automatically calculated according to the measurement results. In this way, the meter can perform calibration operations automatically without the need for any personnel.
  • The cold water meter test table is designed to test the counters with nominal diameters of DN15 to DN25; Meters with nominal diameter DN15 to DN20 can be placed in 10 test units, DN25 7 test stations.

  • Pressurized test water is supplied by a frequency-controlled pump, which can deliver 8 bar pressure and deliver water to the installation at a flow rate of 4 m³ / h. During testing A pressure vessel with a pneumatic pre-pressure was also used to keep the pressure change to a minimum.

  • Test flows; 4-90 liters / h, 20-350 liters / h, is adjusted by 3 float flowmeters in the working range of 450-8000 liters / h.

  • A cooling unit which can cool the test water to 20 ° +/- 5 ° C is also included in the system.

  • At the test table measuring the gravimetric system, 150 kg for weighing the measured water, 1 gr. A precision electronic balance is used.

  • The maximum measurement uncertainty is 0.2%.

  • There are 10 sensors at the start and end of the test which allow index reading with optical sensors.

  • A printer is available for obtaining test result outputs.

  • Calculation is makes with computer program.

Luna test bench parts diagram

1- Pneumatic line valve
2- Manual line valve
3- Hose Pressure Manometer
4- Sensors
5- Test profile
6- Flowmeters
7- Measuring chamber
8- Libra (150 kg, 1 gr. Precision)
9- Water pump board
10- Water pump
11- Tank valve
12- Water tank (1300 lt max water capacity)
13- Tank pressure manometer
14- Tank transmitter
15- Tank drain valve
16- Check Valve
17- Filter
18- Water tank
19- Test table
20- Control unit and electrical panel.
21- Test water cooling unit (Chiller)

The screen where all operations are performed for testing.

• Meter brands and types are entered.

• Q3 values are entered.

• Select the test quantities to be made.

• Enter the meter coefficient.

• Boiler on / off operation, line bleed operation and test start operationsmade from the window.

• When the meter passes the test, the serial number is entered and saved.

  • The test results of the recorded counters are monitored from this screen. The results of all tests made with this screen can be stored for years. All stored data can be monitored, checked and compared.


• The counters should be connected horizontally to the test table with +/- 5 degrees (parallel to the ground plane).

• During Testing No leakage of water should occur in any part of the meter installation.

• Adjust the water temperature to be 20 +/- 5 degrees

• The water temperature difference between the test start and the test end must not exceed 1 degree.

• It should be observed that the test flow does not exceed the desired tolerances during the test period.

• Particular attention should be paid to the presence of water leakage from the outlet valve on the balance plate during the test.