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LUNA Akıllı Su ve Elektrik Sayaçları | Smart Water and Energy Meters


In Izmir, the company sells its smart water and electricity meters to 35 countries, and this year it aims to export $30 million despite the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) outbreak.

Luna Electric Electronics, founded in 1991 by engineer Mustafa Karabağlı in an area of approximately 30 square meters, grew rapidly using technology in the intervening time. 

Luna Electric And Electronics Chairman Mustafa Karabağlı, AA correspondent said that he was proud that the company he founded with a small capital came to this day.

They are still sending smart meters to 35 countries, Karadebağlı said.

“Among the countries we export to are South America, and countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia… The target market we are currently focusing on is Europe. Because Europe was not very quick and pioneerinated in the smart meter. Smart meter and energy are slightly lagging behind water management networks. Therefore, we think That Europe is an important market in this sense. That’s why we opened offices in 2 different countries in Europe. We plan to deploy a new assembly line in Europe and assemble the products and provide semi-finished goods from Europe.”

Stating that they closed last year with $25 million in exports, Karabağlı reported that there is currently a stagnation in their business due to Kovid-19, but that their search for new markets is ongoing. “This year’s export target is $30 million. Hopefully we will catch this despite Kovid-19,” he said.

The Energy Market Regulatory Authority started a study about 5 years ago aimed at reducing the loss and leakage, and the project for this was given to them, Karabağlı said.

“In this context, we have equipped another district with smart meters with high rate of loss leakage. About a year later, the rate of casualties and leaks in that settlement decreased from 65 percent to 10 percent. Then this project spread to many regions and a system similar to over 1 million subscribers was implemented.”

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