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LUNA Akıllı Su ve Elektrik Sayaçları | Smart Water and Energy Meters

 With its experienced R & D staff and investments in technology, Luna meters, which constitute the driving force in innovation efforts in the sector, with its fully domestic capital and technology, products and solutions on smart meter systems since 1992 Developing. In line with the trends in the market and advances in technology, Luna meters, which develops products in the product range every day, continues its rapid rise in the sector with its designs that provide maximum efficiency in energy savings. In addition to the electric electronic smart meters, Luna offers a huge advantage to its consumers with its automatic meter reading equipment. “Today, the rapid structuring process in the national and international dimension in the energy sector, the creation of energy, the production, transmission, distribution and consumption phases of the new perspectives of the board of directors of Luna meters,” Mustafa Karabağlı Makes. The most important problem of our age is the energy issue.