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LUNA Akıllı Su ve Elektrik Sayaçları | Smart Water and Energy Meters

Luna, 07-02-2013 Energy diary to rationise Europe’s electric meters-the Luna counter, which meets most of Turkey’s electronic electricity meter needs, is smart to export to Germany and Austria after North Africa and the Middle East will also step into the European market this year with the counters. Izmir, the only company producing electronic electricity meter, the general manager of Luna counter Mustafa karaattached, thanks to smart meter technology, the meters can now be read from afar, he said. Speaking to the World newspaper, Karaaffiliated, the technological structuring in the sector has provided the development of intelligent meter technology. “With the advancement of technology, the counters are also renewed. The smart counter system, which has already come up and is not widespread, will become widespread this year and gain momentum. So the real smart counters are going to come into our lives. For now, half of Turkey is using these counters. With smart counters, remote reading, access and control can be provided. So now, without having to go to the counter to read the meter, the computer and mobile phones can be done with the controls. In the prepaid counters, you will be able to recharge remotely. As the Luna counter, we are continuing our claim as one of the only Turkish electronic electricity meter producers in Izmir, “he said.